Olive Oil Decanting Machinery

Used Olive Oil Decanters in Greece and in Europe

First class brands like ALFA LAVAL, WESTFALIA, FLOTTWEG, etc.

FLOTTWEG Two Phase Olive Oil Decanter


Type :  Z5E-4/404

Capacity: 4 tons per hour

Bowl speed: 3500/min.

Working hours: 500

Manufact. year: 2017

WESTFALIA Olive Oil Decanter

WESTFALIA Olive Oil Decanter


Type :  VCC-458-08-30

Capacity: 4 tons per hour

Bowl speed: 3000/min.

Working hours:  2753

Manufact. year: 2013


POLAT MAKINA Olive Oil Decanter

Olive oil decanter for sale
Make / Brand: POLAT MAKINA (Turkey)
Type: Europolat 470-p40
Capacity: 1800 kg/h
Manuf. year: 2003.
It works with inverter.

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