Small Vegetables Processing Line

The stainless steel line consists of the following parts:

  1. Raw product elevator to sorting bench.
  2. Elevated Sorting bench.
  3. Vibrating sieve to oven.
  4. Oven with flame throwers
  5. Washer-elevator to drum washer-peeler.
  6. Drum washer with brushes
  7. Sorting -peeling-remove of seeds basin with water stream and elevated transport belt for the clean product.
  8. Seeds washer-waste with water re-circulation
  9. Empty glass jars washer with hot water and steam
  10. Transport belt to 5 belt bench
  11. Belt bench for jars and ready product.
  12. Z type elevator to slot filling machine for tins
  13. Slot filling machine
  14. Belt bench for weight control.
  15. Brine filling dosage machine
  16. Brine preparation and storage tower
  17. Exauster for tins
  18. Sealing machines MAV1 - MAV2

Brand/Manufacturer: TEN BRINK, Greece

Total power : 20kw/26 hp

Capacities of production : 2 tn/h raw material.

Manufacture Year: 2007