HVAC Machinery & Equipment Auction

Cooling tower

Auction of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning) Machinery

We have prepared and are conducting an electronic auction of equipment and in particular of  heating & air conditioning engine room for the company Aegean Motorway SA, with our partner Troostwijk Auctions.

You can see the specific auction HERE:


It expires on November 9th.

Manufacture year of the plant : 2009

Dismantling and loading available at a fee.

The auction listing comprises of :


Nr. Equipment type Brand Pieces
1 Fan coil units climaveneta 3
2 Expansion tank groundfos 6
3 f AC roof units climaveneta 50
4 Burner oertli 2
5 Pumps groundfos 20
6 Control unit groundfos 12
7 Boiler biossol 2
8 Cooling tower desca 3
9 Desalination unit temak 1
10 Three-way valves belimo 3
11 Chillers climaveneta 3

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