Energy Clearing

Ενεργειακός Συμψηφισμός

Reduce Or Eliminate The Electric Bill.

What Is Energy Clearing (net metering)?

As energy clearing it means the clearing of injected energy to the network from a producing station and the absorbed energy at the installed facility of the producer. It concerns a producing station which is installed at the same or neighbor place with the supplied consumption, where its connected through the network suplying of the same region. At the energy clearing the produced energy isn't necessary to be parralel with the consumed.

The terms and conditions for development of producing stations with energy clearing were defined firstly with ΥΑ ΑΠΕΗΛ/Α/Φ1/οικ.24461 (ΦΕΚ Β’ 3583/31.12.2014), which in continuation was abolished and replaced from ΥΑ Αριθμ. ΥΠΕΝ/ΔΑΠΕΕΚ/15084/382 (ΦΕΚ Β’ 759/5.3.2019).

Which is the maximum power of a producing station with energy clearing where it is connected by the size of each area?

For the connection of a producing station in an existing supply consumption, additionally the limit which is imposed at ΥΑ for the size of a powered station, will be taken into consideration and the technical capability of supply to the consumer, where:

  • The power of one producing station shouldn't exceed the Agreed Power (AP) of production and especially in one phaise productions it cant exceed that of 5kW.
  • In three phaise production ΧΤ Νο 6 and No 7 (135 kVA and 250 kVA respectively) the maximum power of the production station is limited to 100kW, for example at the general limit of power connection of production in ΧΤ.
  • The power of a station with turning generators is possible to me contained with even more over its limit, respectively of the technology of generators and the way of connection to the Network (generator with adaptor of power, with direct coupling or with arrangement of smooth coupliing).

Especially with PV stations, the maximum allowed power by size provider in the Connected System and at MDN, taking into consideration the limitations of ΥΑ as much as the technical capability of every size Provider, is showing at the Tables of the Appendix.

Who Can Install A Producing Station With Energy Clearing?

Right for installment have the natural people (pretentious or not), and lawful people of public and private law, which either have in their ownership the place in which the station will be build, either have the rightful usage of it(e.x. through payment, free concession e.t.c.) and have secured a documented consent of the owner of the place.

In the case of a production station in a shared property, it is allowed the installment of one or more production stations, each of being respectively matched in one accountant of consumption. Right for installment in this case have the people of horizontal properties or the ones with legal usage of which after granding the use of the shared property or part of it for the rest co-owners.

For a connection at the provition of shared properties the owners of the horizontal properties are represented by the adminstrator. Necessary precondition is to exist an agreement of all other co-owners of the building, which will be proven either with a practical unanimous decision of a general assembly or with a recorded agreement of the total of the co-owners of the building.

Which are the basic terms and conditions for the installment of production stations with energy clearing?

The basic terms and conditions for the installment of producing stations with energy clearing, are the following:

  • The existance of a functioning permanent supply power in the name of coproducer through which is supply the installment of its consumption.
  • The production station is matched exclusively with one measure of consumption, that is with the meter of consumption installment from which it supplies.
  • The production station is installed in the same or neighbor place with installment of consumption from which it is matched.
  • The interested has the lawful usage of the place where the station is installed.
  • The interested has paid off fully his bills of electric energy of his supplier, or has joined a debt settlement regime.
  • The supply of the selfproducer hasn't join the Enviromental Household Regime (ΥΑ υπ’ αριθμ. ΥΠΕΝ/ΥΠΡΓ/26359/4101 - ΦΕΚ Β’ 1936/30.5.2018). In which case the interested is beneficiary of invoice, is exluded rightfully from it, with the activation of the production station.

When is the measurement and when the application of the energy clearing between produced and consumed energy?

The measurement of the produced electric energy of the producing station, as and the inputed and outputed from and to the Network of electric energy is coming true in the same time from the ΔΕΔΔΗΕ, from the existing cyrcle of measurement where it rules the installation of consumption or self-producer.

The Supplier carries out the procedure of energy clearing at the clearing bills of electricity, based on the data of measurement of ΔΕΔΔΗΕ depending with the case of cyrcle of measurement. In the case where any reason isn't become possible the collection of indication at the programmed date for counting, the clearing will be done immediately after the next regular count is conducted.

What happends in the case of changement of Supplier?

In cases of changement of Supplier:

  • Is conducted final clearing, that is emergency measurement of injected in the Network and of subtracted from the Network energy and it is provided relative clearing bill.
  • It doesn't exist obligation for any compentation from self-producer for any surplus of energy after the publication of the clearing bill.
  • A new signed Contract of energy clearing for the rest of the 25 years


Project financing and repayment

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