Thermophotovoltaic PV/T

Φωτοβολταϊκός θερμικός υβριδικός ηλιακός συλλέκτης

Photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collector

The photovoltaic hybrid solar thermal collectors are P/V panel and solar thermal collectors combined. You produce power and hot water. It is especially proper if it exist limited surface in the roof. The name is PVT (ThermalPhotoVoltaic).

Photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar energy

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  • Classic DualSun Flash
  • Hot water and power the house

The panel and its collectors is an ideal combination.

The photovoltaic units, in combination with solarthermic collectors, are ideal. The pipes with the water are passing from the back side and they will be cooled and so they will provide better performance from heat. At the same time, the solarthermal collector will help at the heating of glucose. As a result, the hybrid solar elements havve higher energy performance and can also heat your water in a very efficient way.

Two types of hybrid solar collectors

The choice for hybrid solar panel definitely isn't bad and it will be excelent if you could at least by part produce alone the electric energy for your hot water. That would mean that you would be less dependant of the oral fuel because you will use the unending source of the sun. It is, naturaly a situation where we must all go eventually. The choice of intallation of hybrid solar unit is done, naturally, fast, but as a choice you got two different types.

  • Photovoltaic contexts:  It concerns about photovoltaic elements with systems bronze pipe behind them. The emphasis in those context is at the production of electric energy. This is an excelent choice if have low temperature, such as heating of the floor or a heat pump.
  • Collectors PVT: with those panel, the emphasis is given right at themal efficiency and not in photovoltaic energy. These collectos are best in case where there is a big demand for heating, such as the central heating.

Performance of the hybrid:

They have higher performance concering the production of energy. In summer, the panel get cold with liquid from the sector of the collector, because the conventionally photovoltaic panel can easily reach the 70 degrees in summer.

The performance is then very lower from when in lower temperatures. One cold solar pane, therefore, has bigger capability.

Additionally, one hybrid photovoltaic panel has one advantage in winter. They are hotter so it secures that the ice or the snow will melt faster. Then it is more possible to be used for the production of electric energy. In total there exist 5 to 10% higher performance of electric energy.

The higher performance of the production of electric energy is compensated by its lower productions of the collector. One conventional solar collector is more efficient from the collector of a hybrid solar panel.

Production performance:

For convenience reasons, you can say that the hybrid are producing 100kWh of electric energy by square meter and are achieving saving up 40m3 of natural gas. Supposably that they are turned to a south angle of 15 to 40 degree.

The price:

The reason why you don't see many hybrid panel has to do with the price. The price is undoubtably highter from the conventional solar panel. In the continuation you will learn the collector. If you have much space, it is always more smart to buy the solar collectors separately.

The sum of investment in solar collectors and collectors continues to be much lower from the investment in hybrid solar panel.


Beside the lower cost, there is a disadvantage. For example, if something breaks in the sector of electric power, it affectss and the sector of reciever. The same applies in reverse.

Life duration:

The hybrid solar technology has a very long life duration, approximately 25 to 30 years. Only the adaptor is needed to be replaced after approximately 10 to 15 years. The time of depreciation is thankfully much lower.

Η υβριδική ηλιακή τεχνολογία έχει μεγάλη διάρκεια ζωής περίπου 25 έως 30 χρόνια. Μόνο ο μετατροπέας χρειάζεται να αντικατασταθεί μετά από περίπου 10 έως 15 χρόνια. Ο χρόνος απόσβεσης είναι ευτυχώς πολύ μικρότερος.


The hybrid photovoltaic can produce electric enegy efficiently. This has to do with the cooling where it happens through the sector of the collector. The solar panel perform better when they are not too warm. In summer, the temperature of one regular solar panel can quickly exceed the 75˚C and that isn't favorable for return.

Thanks to better cooling, the electric performance of one hybrid panel is better from one of regular solar panel. However, the performance of the thermal system of the sector of the collector is somewhat lower in comparison to one of a conventional collector.

The combined table of electric energy and hot water is producing 3 times more enrgy from the sun in comparison from regular photovoltaic elements.

The regular photovoltaic systems produce electric energy for approximately 21% and 79% heat. Additionally, the performance is reduced when it heats up.

The panel DualSun Spring are using the heat for the production of hoy water and, in the meantime, for the cooling of the table. This ensures performance investment from 5% to 15%.

The pael can be placed as much vertical as horizontal in an inclined roof or in a flat roof (lowest slope 10°).

Classic DualSun Flash

The panel DualSun Spring are combined with the traditional Φ/Β panel. The DualSun Flash achieved the best and desirable performance for electric energy and hot water.

Opticaly there isn't a difference between the two panel. This has as a result saving up space, faster assembly and better projection.

Hot water and power for the house

Combine the hybrid panel DualSun Spring with the regular Φ/Β panel, the DualSun Flash, and so efficiently the consumption and the performance of hot water and electric energy.

Ideal with a combination in a pool

The photovoltaic side provides the necessary electric energy for the installation of the pool (pump and filter) for the house.

The side of the hot water is heating the water in the pool.

That saves energy and extends the period of the pool.

It isnt necessary the replacement of the existing installation. The system DualSun Spring has direct connection with the circuit power.

With the panel DualSun Hybrid, you gain more from solar installation. Beside the electric enegy, these panel provid hot usage water.

The panel DualSun has the same dimentions with one regular panel and, therfore, can be installed seamlessly in a field with Φ/Β panel. Because of the integration of the thermal section and the photovoltaic, it will absorb the heat when it is in full production power.

This reduces the temperature of the photovoltaic section which can increase the efficiency by 15%. From the thermal side, you reach temperatures up to 55°, ideal support of hot water for households.

Save energy in combination with a boiler pumping heat or altenator of heat. Make a kit ZERO: no more spending energy for hot household water usage.