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Auction of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning) Machinery We have prepared and are conducting an electronic auction of equipment and in particular of  heating & air conditioning engine room for the company Aegean Motorway SA, with our partner Troostwijk Auctions. You can see the specific auction HERE:,-chillers,-boiler,-cooling-towers,-boilers/01-38634/ It expires on […]

HVAC Machinery & Equipment Auction

The Machinery sector is an important part of the Engineering Industry. Machinery consists of an assembly of components, at least one of which moves, joined together for a specific application. The drive system of machinery is powered by energy other than human or animal effort. One of the main legislations […]

Machinery – Useful Information

  The final signing of a strategic agreement that brings investments of EUR 3 billion to Greece took place on July the 5th between Kopelouzos Group and CHINA ENERGY INVESTMENT CORPORATION . It’s actually an agreement that opens a new "chapter" in the Greek energy market, promising huge growth prospects, […]


By Philip Chrysopoulos - Nov 9, 2016  395  19 Google +0  0  4  420 The Donald Trump victory in the U.S. presidential election was unexpected for many Greeks. The opinion polls that were favoring Hillary Clinton had made the majority believe that she would be the one. Yet, the interests […]

What Does President Trump Mean for Greece?