Energy projects and services

Energy services

KOSMOS ENERGEIA offers you complete solutions and services of Energy Services Enterprises-EVS (ESCO), with certified, specialized and long-term experience in energy and industrial projects, executing Energy Efficiency Contracts (EPCs).

We offer:

Energy audit where solutions and improvements are highlighted.

Design, supervision and execution of energy saving projects.

Financing without own participation, as appropriate.

24/7 monitoring of operation and performance.

Maintenance and safety.


In addition:

Quick examination, study and execution of the energy upgrade and energy saving project.

Guarantee of reduction of energy costs and energy savings from the first day of operation of the project.


Automatic Energy Systems

Are you bored to rely in conventional sources of energy which harm the enviroment? Are you ready to embrace a sustainable and friendly to the enviroment energy solution, for you home and your spontaneous adventures in the country side? Don't search no more we will cover you! We present our pioneering automatic solar system, which are designed to bring the power of the sun directly at your doorstep without extra cost, even at your travels when you're off-grid.

Basic features:

Energetic independence: Free yourselves from the network and enjoy an unstopped source of power. Our solar systems utilize the energy of the sun, providing a trustworthy and sustainable source of renewable electric energy.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Either you're at the house either out in the desert, our solar systems cover your energy needs with satisfactory adequacy. Activate your house, charge electric devices, cook your favorite food, function utilities and light your camping with ease, all that with the help of the autonomous energy system.

Easy installment: Our systems are designed for installment without problems and complications. It doesn't need wide wiring or complicated settings, we follow only simple steps. Enjoy the benefits of solar energy without headaches and discomforts.

Compact and portable: For the daring souls, our solar systems for camping are light and easy to transfer, so you can take them anywhere wherever you go. Charge your devices on the move and live the freedom of life off-grid without sacrificing the modern comforts of a building.Φιλικό προς το περιβάλλον: Μειώστε το αποτύπωμα άνθρακα και συνεισφέρετε σε έναν πιο πράσινο πλανήτη. Η ηλιακή ενέργεια είναι ένας καθαρός, ανανεώσιμος πόρος που συμβάλλει στην προστασία του περιβάλλοντος, εξοικονομώντας ταυτόχρονα χρήματα στους λογαριασμούς ενέργειας.

Durability: Build to withstand the elements of nature and small falls, our solar systems are solidly and stiff. Rain or lightning, you can rely in a continious and effective suply of power.

Smart technology: Supervise and control the consumption of energy with the integraded smart technology. Stay updated for the use of your energy and recieve educated decisions for the optimization of performance.

Why choose our automatic solar systems?

Guidance of experts: Our team of experts is ready to help you in the choice of the proper solar system for your specific needs. We will guide your through the process, from the choice up untill the installment.

Quality ensurance: We give priority in quality and endurance. Be sure that our solar systems are build from top quality materials, ensuring long lasting performance, even way after the predefined expiration of warranty.

Approachable prices: Enjoy the benefits of solar energy without run out of money. Our systems have competitive prices, ensuring the renewable energy accessible to everyone.

Make the transition to renewable solar energy today!

Get involved in the revolution for sustainable living and energy independence. Embrace the power of the sun our autonomous solar systems. Either to supply your home either to improve your experience with camping, we have the perfect solution for you.

Communicate with us today to explore the capabilities of one brighter, greener, clearer future without compromises to how much energy your consume!

Better your life with solar energy, become green, become carefree!

Heat energy

Exhaust heat, excess steam, condensate and hot water can be a major source of revenue. More ...

Industrial energy efficiency

There are a variety of energy saving technologies in the industry such as:

- Electricity generation from the rejected heat (Cogeneration of Electricity & Heat - CHP) from 70oC minimum temperature.
- Production of heat cooling.
- Temperature rise of "useless" low temperature heat and its conversion is converted into "useful" heat of high temperature and efficiency.
- Use of solar energy for industrial use.


Energy saving in primary sector- Quarries, Mines, Agriculture,

Do you run electric generators and does the oil you consume "eat" your profits? We can help you with the installation and operation of an electricity generation unit from RES (Renewable Energy Sources), with photovoltaics or with a wind turbine. We have the experience for solutions even in the most difficult locations. Whether you install a small unit for small savings, or a larger one to save all or most of the fuel you are consuming so far, you will significantly reduce your costs.

Building energy upgrade

Energy inspection, study, financing, supervision and execution of the savings project and monitoring of operation and performance.

Condition, consumption and functions control

We consume energy in various forms, whether it is electricity or liquid and gaseous fuels, for use in heating, cooling, movement or lighting.

Without additions to your facility you can have a direct display and recording of energy and water consumption on your mobile phone or computer in the building, whether it is a hotel, factory, shop, etc.

The administrator is able to check the condition and operation of appliances, machines, rooms or buildings and to record measurements of various quantities such as temperature, water, fuel, electricity, etc., in real time and to have aggregate data (daily, monthly, annual) for individual machines, devices or spaces, for part or for the whole installation.