Prefabricated, Transportable Solar Energy Autonomous houses.

Transportable, Solar Energy Autonomous House.

Transportable Solar Autonomous Houses.

We offer you Prefabricated, Transportable Solar Energy Autonomous houses..


A)- 14,4 m2 surface, 6mX2,4m

- With WC, kitchen, insulated, plumbing and wiring.

- 800Watt autonomous photovoltaic system. 16.000€


  1. B) - 29 m2 surface, 6mX4,8m

- With WC, kitchen, plumbing and wiring.

- 1500Watt autonomous photovoltaic system. 32.000€.

We offer you prefabricated, solar energy autonomous houses, at really competitive prices. The house needs just water supply and drainage. We can also provide different sizes ( 50m3, 80m3, 100m2, 120m2 or more), planning and also add another floor.

It is the solution for cheap and fast housing projects.

We may also provide financing up to 6 months.

We deliver worldwide.