Machinery and Equipment Valuations

KOSMOS ENERGEIA offers experience and reliability in the valuation of machinery and industrial equipment for a large part of industry and businesses in general.

An appraisal of machinery and equipment is often required for sale, preparation for sale, asset based finance or for insurance. KOSMOS ENERGEIA professionals appreciate the depreciation due to natural, technological, operational and economic factors. KOSMOS ENERGEIA also performs inspections, while we undertake register the detailed inventory and assess industrial machinery and equipment.

The most common case for asset estimates is the determination of the value of available guarantees to lenders. Banks and other creditors receive machines and equipment as a cover for loans and open credits. Their use may enhance the ability of the applicant to lend. The machinery appraisal, in addition to business valuation, helps to establish their ability to repay amortization.

Having experience in the valuation of machinery and equipment, we know that neither the book value nor a first valuation is accurate or acceptable for a transaction or a loan. An estimate by the owner may have inaccuracies, while book value and depreciation in the balance sheet is the result of applying a generalized tax rate. Many times, the book value is zero and the useful life of the asset lasts for many years and it is obvious that it has both a market and a value.

The key element is that the assessment report must follow the guidelines of  the International Valuation Standards Counncil - IVSC, the European Group of Valuers' Associations (TEGoVA) and the Association of Greek Valuers. The valuer should have no other task than a fair and objective valuation of the value of such assets.  Note that there is no fixed price for the equipment and the amount of the exhibition fee is not correlated to the determination of the final value. With KOSMOS ENERGEIA, you can be assured that your appreciation will not be jeopardized by any conflict of interest.

The categories of equipment we deal with are: production lines and machines for metal and wood processing, food and bottling, plastics, textiles, printing, energy (renewables-generators), chemicals and pharmaceuticals, marble-stone, HORECA equipment, boats (motor, sailing, merchant ships), vehicles (passenger cars, trucks), construction machinery, etc.


Our services include:

Find purchase prices.
Estimates for leasing.
Fair estimates of the distribution of costs and interest on the purchase price.
Hire and resale structure.
Loan security and support.
Inventory and control of warehouses and stocks.
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