Electronic Identity Of Building

Electric Identity Building?

The governing provisions of called "Indentity of Electronic Building" are contained in the law 4495/2017 (ΦΕΚ A166/3.11.2017) with title «Control and protection of Structured Enviroment and other provision«, which was modified in continuation from Ν.4693/2019 and the Spatial Law 4759/2020.

In December of 2020 it was published the ministerial decision of activation of Identity Building, with adminstrator of platform the TEE, with rewarding end 20€ for every certificate, and with time of start operation the 1.1.2021. From that day on it begins and the five year deadline in which (31.12.2025), besides the public buildings, the private sector obliges to present electronic Identity Building for the following categories special building ownership:

a. Buildings which roof every kind of services to public, of OTA and ΝΠΔΔ

b. Buildings of gathering croud (theater, cinema, event halls, conference centers, exhibition buildings), included libraries, museum, athletic installment, transfer station MMM

c. Liquid gas stations, garages or car wash

d. Tourist accommodation up to 300 s.m (hotels, rented rooms e.t.c.)

e.Public and and private building preschool, first degree, second degree and third degree education

f. Hospitals, medical centre, clinics, center provider servicing and phycological health, kindergarden, boarding schools, nursing homes, institutions for the chronically ill, institutions for the disabled

g. Detention facilities (e.g. police stations) and special youth detention facilities.



All the rest buildings and self-contained divided properties (mainly buildings civilians, offices and stores) will submit Identity Building at the first transfer, while the next transfers the mechanic will define each owner, will issues to Certificate of Completeness, from which will assure that there are no arbirtary changes in this property, or that has been informed the Indentity Building if there has been mediate the issuance of a building permit or small-scale works for the execution of works in that property. In new buildings the Identity Building will be issued together with their building permit.


The declaration of Identity Building is done by building or by divided property. The authorized mechanic, which is filling the data of Electronic Identity Building or the divided property, it is defined by the owner for every building or divided property. If there have been horizontal or vertical properties (apartment building etc), the authorized mechanic for the total of the building can be defined after the decision of the majority vote, accordingly with the defined by the regulation of the ceiling, or either with a simple majority vote. Engineers' fees are not subject to valuation, but to free agreement with the owners.


The proofs which are needed for the submition of the Identity of the whole Building are:

a) The executive of the construction permit of the building, with its revisions,

b) The blueprints which accompany the building permit, as and the study accessibility for disabled and disabled people, provided that it is required. If the structural permit and the elements which accompany it aren't found in the records of the relevant agency, instead a certificate of loss is submitted by the competent Building Agency,

c) The certificate of energy efficiency of the building or part of it,

d) The certificate control structure, provided that has be published,

e) declarations of compliance with laws of suspension of imposition of sanctions on arbitrary,

f) the floor plans, which depict the building in its actual condition, when this is not evident from the elements of paragraphs a, b and e,

g) the structural vulnerability report or the static control technical report, which accompanies an application for inclusion in Law 4178/2013 (A' 174) or this one (Law 4495/17) or the static adequacy study, if required, in accordance with article 99 ,

h) The table of centimeters or and the study cost allocation of the building, provided that they exist.

i) The title of ownership

j) A copy of cadastral sheet



For the electronic Identity «Self Divided Ownership» are the following required:

a) A stem of the building permit where inside of it there is the divided ownership, with its revisions,

b) The blueprints that accompany the building permit, as and the accessibility study for disabled and hindered people, provided that it is required. If the building permit and its features that accompany it aren't found in the files of the building, then it is submited assurance of missing documents from the responsible Building Service

c) The certificate of energy performance of the divided property,

d) The certificate of checked construction, provided that it has been published,

e) Declaration of compliance with laws suspending the imposition of sanctions on arbitrary,

f) The floor plans, which depict the divided building in its real condition, when its not resulting from the elements of a), b) and e) minus the shared places,

g) The structural vulnerability report or the static control technical report, which accompanies application for affiliation at Law 4178/2013 or the present (Law 4495/2017) or the study of static adequacy, provided that its required, according with the article 99,

h) The table of milimeters, or and the study allocation expenses of the building, provided that exist,

i) The title of ownership

j) The reccomendation of horizontal / vertical of properties, together with the accompanying blueprints

k) Copy of a cadastral sheet.

What is the Identity Building-Indepented of Divided Property and whats its purpose?

It is an electronnic application (digital folder) which will applies from 1/1/2021 and will have as a purpose the footprint of the existing state of the building or the divided property and its permits with the purpose to surveillance and the checking of their changes during their lifespan.

Responsible for the submition of the electric identity of the building/indepented divided property are the private Mechanics.

What does contain this electric folder.

  1. The stem of the building permit (with its revisions that exist) where its located the divided property
  2. The blueprints that accompany the building permit
  3. The certificate of the Energy Performance of the divided property
  4. The certificate of checked construction (provided that it has been published)
  5. Declarations of affiliation at laws suspension of the imposition of sanctions on arbitrary
  6. The blueprints of floor plans which represent the divided property in its real state when its not resulting from the cases of 1,2 and 5
  7. The structural vulnerability report or static control technical report or static adequacy study.
  8. The table of millimeters and the cost allocation study of the building, if available.

In case the building permit and its elements where it is accompanied aren't found then they shall pass in the folder the assurance of loss from the responsible Building Service.

After filling in the information, the Certificate of Completeness of the Electronic Building Identity or the Certificate of Completeness of the Electronic Identity of Independent Divided Property is issued by the authorized Engineer. In both cases, the Certificate bears a unique number and indicates the KAEK of the building or the independent divided property.

Which buildings-divided independend properties must progress at the Electric Identity.

All the buildings or the divided properties that have been raised or erected with foundation the structure permit as also the buildings or divided properties for which are allowed the performance of real legal acts.

When must be done the Identity Building or Indepented Divided Property.

When we don't have to deal with buildings that belong to the public, building such as Health and Social Well being, buildings of Education, Gas Stations, buildings of public gathering, Tourist accomodations up to 300 s.m. etc (where for those must be filled a identity building under 5 years from the date the law will be applied), the identity of building-indepented divided property will must be submited during the transfer of the building or the independent divided property and the relevant declaration must be attached to the contract of transfer and ownership


  1. When the building or the divided idepented property is a work done which requires printing a sturcture permit or works of small scale which change urban and building dimensions then the identity of the building-indepented divided property must be informed.
  2. If they have published identities of indepented divided properties then these are integrated at the electric identity building.
  3. If it has preceded the electric identity buiding then it isn't published the electric identity of the indepented divided properties.
  4. In the structures that will be raised it is published the Identity Building together with the structure permit.
  5. The certificate of completeness of the Electronic Building Identity/Indepented Divided Property it replaces the assurance of the mechanic which is forseen for legal acts during life including and the cause of death.
  6. After the date of applied Law as many arbirtary constructions/changes usage be subjected to Law4495/2017 must be proceeded and in the identity idepented divided property or building.

See the coded Law 4495/2017 (the articles that are related with the Identity Building/Indepented Divided Property is from 52 to 63): https://www.kodiko.gr/nomologia/document_navigation/313052/nomos-4495-2017

Call us for the publish if Electric Identity Building/Divided Property in 2310446900.

Call us for the publish of Certificate Energy Performance

The Energy Certificate is an important document for the owner and we face it with great care and responsibility. We publish in repetitive prices, while we are in position to suggest solutions and for the improvement of the energy category, but and for the reduction of the cost of energy of the building for all the sources of energy (electricity, oil, natural gas, pellet, solar energy, etc).

In eventual renovation, one documented suggestion of energy upgrade will provide profit and the expenses of energy consumptions and the value of the building. Also, it is good to maintain the invoices and documents of materials of the renovations, because it contribute to a better energy ranking.

We undertake the issuance of Energy Performance Certificates throughout central Macedonia.