Soluble Passive House/Building



Welcome to the world of future, where comfort meets green techonology! Discover the soluble passive energy house, one extrordinary combination of luxury, sustainable architecture and high technology which redefines our way of living.

Designed for Modern Living

The soluble passive energy  house is something more than just a building.It is a space that responds to your needs, securing at the same time low energy consumption and its friendly to the enviroment. With it's modern and attractive design, our house gives a new meaning to the term of residence.

Energy Self-sufficiency

Aiming at zero energy consumption, the soluble house integrades previous systems of passive and active energy. Its design is based in principles of bioclimatic architecture, while its technological pioneerings provide self-sufficiency and efficient use of energy.

High Quality Materials

The high quality of structure meets the aesthetics of future. We use advanced material which secure long lasting durability, all while the design keeps being flexible and adaptable to your preferences.

Inspired from nature

Studied to integrates the enviroment, the soluble house provides its contribution to the maintenance of nature. From the usage of sustainable materials to enhanced energy efficiency, inspired by the enviroment, it provides an experience of life interwoven with nature.

Discover the future with the soluble passive energy house. Welcome the the new era of smart, sustainable and luxurious residence.