Saw and boring combination machine COMEC FI-MO

Saw and Boring Combination machine COMEC FI-MO 2200 UT UF for sale.

We offer one Saw and Boring Combination machine COMEC FI-MO 2200 UT UF for sale. 

Make Year: 2004

The cutting-drilling machines FIMO series are used for cutting to the final lenghl and drilling elements for beds, doors, table frames, solid, garden furniture, etc.


  • Maximum hardness;
  • Working precision;
  • Simplicity and quickness o( the adjustment;
  • High productivity;
  • Numerous possibilities of personalization.
  • Electro-soldered frame;
  • Left cutting/drilling fixed shoulder;
  • Right cutting/drilling mobile shoulder on linear guides; Vertical drilling units, adjustable on linear guides (upon request);
  • Horizontal drilling units (upon request);
  • Adjustable piece*hotder benches, complete with locking cylinders;
  • Automatic loader CA2 (upon request), fixed to the shoulders.

Technical Data

  • 2 cutting units HP 3 (kW 2,2)
  • 2 circular blades a 300 mm
  • 2 liorlzontal/lateial drilling HP 3 (kW 2,2)
  • 5 horizontal/rear drilling units HP 3 (kW 2,2)
  • 5 vertical drilling units HP 3 (kW 2,2)
  • Min/max. piece’s" length 300'<2500 mm
  • Production: about 500 pcs/h
  • Dimensions: mm ‘1.500 x 1.700 x 2.000 H
  • Weight: 3.200 kg approx.

The positioning of the units Is really quick and precise, thanks to slips on bearings re clrciiiation slldi-s and reference millimeter scales on X-axis.

Upon request, 2 positioning device systems are available:

  • manual unlocking/locking of the unit, manual movement with position reading on digital display.
  • automatic unlocking of the selected unit with manual movement up tn the set up measure, as In the program, and automatic locking. Programming on centralized touch-screen with a capacity of 100 programs.


  • 2.15.10           Working length upon request (standard 1500/2500 mm).
  • 2.15.11           Horizontal and/or vertical additional drilling units.
  • 2.15.12           Drilling heads according to the client’s specifications.
  • 2.15.13           Inclination of the cutting heads for the cutting/drilling from 0 to 45 .
  • 2.15.14           Modification to the cycle for the cutting/drilling of long rods.
  • 2.15.15           Frontal automatic loader CA2.
  • 2.15.16           Motorized adjustment of the tight cutting/drilling shoulder.

You can see the machine working HERE.