Compressed Air

Vacuum pump

Brand : Edwards High Vacuum International

Type: QMB1200

Weight 157 kg

Serial number: 046206386

Manufacture year: 2004

Working hours: zero

Edwards IQ Dry Vacuum Pumps are well-suited for vacuum applications in solar cell manufacturing. Like integrated circuit and flat-panel display manufacturing, solar cell manufacturing depends on a variety of vacuum-based processes, from PECVD
(plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition) silicon deposition to lamination of the finished module. High pumping speeds and rapid chamber cycling are essential if these processes are to meet the throughput requirements of the solar cell industry. Our
Edwards IQDP Dry Vacuum Pumps are dependable with benefits that include very lower up front costs, reduced energy consumption and decreased maintenance requirements.

  1. Air compressor system, S24-2 BOGE, with dryer DE 038, and 500 lit. air chamber. Excellent condition. Year: 2007

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2) Screw compressor ATLAS COPCO GA 30 with 


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